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About Us

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by General Credit Union No Comments

At General Credit Union, we treat you like you own the place. Because you do.


In some ways, GCU is like a big bank. We have all kinds of savings and checking accounts, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, insurance products and any kind of personal loan you can imagine. But we’re different from the big banks in one enormous way.

We’re here to serve you and your financial interests, not the interests of Wall Street or some corporate parent company. At GCU, there are no ridiculous executive bonuses. There’s no mentality of corporate profits at any cost. There’s no treating you like a number. Just first-rate service from a team that wants to take care of you. In fact, at GCU, we treat you like you own the place – because you do. Every one of our members owns a portion of the credit union, and that gets you every perk that comes along with membership. From higher interest rates on your accounts to lower interest rates on your loans to less fees.  Pretty much here, no matter how big your balance is, you’re a big deal to us.

So let’s talk money – how to spend, save and borrow it. Start slowly or dive in… it’s about working together on options, discussing possibilities, and being comfortable with the choices you make. It could be life changing.

Together we can build a healthier tomorrow. Today.