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My Money

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by General Credit Union No Comments
MY MONEY Reduces The Chore of Managing Your Money!

Can you imagine what it was like to clean your house before the vacuum cleaner came along? Neither can we and we hope you will feel the same way about the new money management tools now available in online banking.

With MY MONEY, a new set of money management tools inside GCU Online, GCU makes it easy to track spending, set financials goals and monitor all of your accounts to save time and money.

Some of our favorite MY MONEY features include:

  • Adding Accounts – Complete your financial picture by bringing in outside account information- like investment accounts and credit cards, into MY MONEY. Even your investment account information can be imported!
  • Create and Track Spending Targets – MY MONEY helps you see how you are spending your money, and it is easy to set and track spending targets with the budget feature.
  • Setting a Goal  – It’s easy to set a financial goal (like paying off a credit card, or saving for a vacation) and see it through.

MY MONEY doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of other features worth exploring that will help you take control of your finances and save money. Login to GCU Online and look under the Financial Planning tab to get started!