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GCU Loans

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by General Credit Union

At General Credit Union we like to lend money… to everyone… regardless of the color of your collar, zip code, or how deep (or shallow) your pockets are. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be doing our job and it would be hard to stand by our beliefs that credit unions help people. This is why we offer loans for all your needs, or for when you just need money for life’s little extras. We are there with low rates and fast approval. Loan payments can even be payroll deducted for your convenience. And for those small loan needs, we’ll even lend you a small amount! No loan is too small. It’s that simple!

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Loan Information:


INTRODUCING our latest home equity product.  It is one of the best rates in the area and allows you to use the equity in your home to purchase things you’ve only dreamed about.  Perhaps you need a an updated kitchen or bathroom.  Maybe you want to take that dream vacation or help pay for your child’s education.  With our Flex Home Equity Line of Credit, you may be able to do all of those things. Our loan rate is 1.49% APR for the first twelve (12) introductory months.  After that time your loan rate is based on the Prime Rate plus a margin of Prime plus 0.00% to 2.00% APR.

With Low Closing Costs, No Annual Fee, 8 Year Draw and 10 Year Payback and No Minimum Draw, be sure and call today for the details.  800-889-5554 x 5.  Ask for Kim.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. APR is based on a variable loan product after introductory period. The introductory promotional 1.49%APR will be in effect for the first 12 months from the time the loan is closed. After that, the APR is based on the Prime Rate(index) plus a margin of Prime plus 0.00% to 2.00% APR (currently 3.50%-5.50% APR). The minimum APR that can apply is as low as 3.50% and the maximum is 18.00%. These rates are based on credit score and Loan-To-Value (LTV) of your home at time of application. Maximum LTV is 90%. All loans are subject to credit approval and membership requirements. This offer is only good for new loans to General Credit Union on owner occupied residential properties in Indiana. Homeowners insurance is required. Offer subject to change without notice. Limited time offer.


Drive off with OUR lowest rates available. Easy Application. Low Rates. Fast Closings! For a limited time, drive off with rates as low as 2.99% APR.

The annual percentage rate (APR) listed is our best rate.  Maximum term for 2.99% APR is 60 months on 2014 & newer vehicles. Your rate may vary depending on your credit score, model year, and terms of vehicle loan. Not available for refinancing of an existing GCU loan. Subject to approved application and collateral review. This is a limited time offer. You would pay approximately $17.94 per $1000 borrowed at 2.99% APR for 60 Months.



Shopping for that new vehicle, motorcycle, RV, boat or other outdoor “Funmobile” can be easier if you know your credit has already been arranged with pre-approved financing. Our rates are always competitive! Extended warranty coverage and credit insurance coverages are available.

Don’t miss this limited time opportunity to purchase a new Vehicle whether it runs on the road or on the water… PLUS… your payment can be deferred up to 60 days!

*All rates are subject to credit qualifications and approval. This special rate is not available for refinancing existing GCU loans. New money only. No other discounts may be applied to lower this special rate. Interest accrues during the 60-day deferred period. This offer is subject to change. Other rates and terms available. You would pay approximately $17.70 per $1000 borrowed at 2.39% APR for 60 months. Annual Percentage Rate (APR).



When the unexpected happens, or when you just need money for life’s extras, GCU is here with our “Simple Solution Loan”. For your convenience, payments can be payroll-deducted.


What’s better than one loan at a great low rate you ask? Two loans at the same great low rate! TWO 4 ONE loans are back! And this time if you qualify for a vehicle loan you will automatically qualify for a personal loan at the same rate, as low as 2.99% APR!*

*The annual percentage rate (APR) listed is our best rate. Your rate may vary depending on your credit score and model year of vehicle. Minimum auto loan amount of $10,000. Not available for refinancing of an existing GCU loan. Subject to approved application and collateral review.  ($17.94 per $1,000 borrowed). Your personal loan rate will be the same as your qualifying auto loan rate. For example; if your auto loan rate is 3.99% APR, then your personal loan rate will be 3.99% APR. Maximum personal loan term is the length of auto loan except for $10,000-$14,999 level. If personal loan becomes delinquent more than 60 days, or if auto loan is paid off within 24 months, personal loan will revert to the current unsecured loan rate (up to 14.99% APR, depending on length of loan). A $5,000 personal loan at 2.99% APR with 60 monthly payments of $89.64 would total $5,375.98. Maximum personal loan available at special rate is $5,000. It is possible to get more (up to $12,500 per qualified member) at a blended personal rate. This is a limited time offer and cannot be combined with any other loan special.


Now is the time to apply or transfer your Mortgage to GCU! We are now offering 90% Loan to Value financing with no PMI & Low Closing Costs.
*Indiana mortgages only. Current GCU loans may not be refinanced. Limited Time Offer.


A Second Mortgage is an easy and safe way to borrow extra money to cover costs associated with Vacation, Home Improvement and even Debt Consolidation. Whether you are repairing your home, remodeling, taking your dream vacation or trying to better align your financial affairs, a Second Mortgage could be the perfect choice for you. With closing costs at a low $200.00, you are able to finance a second mortgage for 5 years at 3% APR, 10 years at 4% APR or 15 years at 5% APR.  Call Kim at 260.373.0781 for rates and more information.

*With a minimum loan amount of $7500 you can borrow up to 80% LTV (loan to value), or 90% LTV with an additional 1% added to rate. Interest rates are tiered and as low as 3% APR (annual percentage rage) for 5 years, 4% APR for 10 years, and 5% APR for 15 years. Closing costs are $200. Loan must remain at GCU for a minimum of 24 months or actual closing costs will be applied up to $500.  This offer is subject to change.   Current GCU loans may not be refinanced. Offer is for a limited time and  available only for Indiana residents. May be tax deductible.


Credit Union financing of your home is a real value. First and second mortgages and home equity lines available. Call Kim at 260.373.0781 for rates and information.


Kim Meyer, 508105
Nancy Brandenberger, 544283


For flexible loan plans so you can afford to pay for college the smart way, click here.


With this valuable protection, overdrafts are covered (maximum determined by the credit union) up to $1,500 max.


Loans that are secured by a certificate of deposit or savings account funds have very low interest rates. You can also call and speak to one of our loan officers. They would love to sit down and help you get the best rate and offers for your future goals!

Call Toll Free at: 1.800.889.5554 x 5 or Locally at: 260.471.5544 x 4